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May you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.
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The sun is perfect and you woke this morning. You have enough language in your mouth to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we just start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything, for a moment, is right in the world.

Warsan Shire (via therevolutionwillbeblogged)

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God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’

— Louie Giglio (via kvtes)

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if you had letters looking like this… what would you quote? 

i have as of right now….. the words inside the quotation marks will be geometric like that letter above. 
throw kindness around like “confetti” 
climb every “mountain”

what do you all see with this type? share please!
Y ya ves amor; me tienes aquí desvelado escribiendo poemas que despiertan a otros corazones mientras tu duermes y cuando despiertas yo ya estoy soñando contigo.

Cartas a Naara, Joseph Kapone (via el-escritor-sombrilla)

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He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.

— Lao Tzu. (via quotedojo)

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When did loving yourself
become so rare, that it’s
revolutionary to do so?

— (160/365) by (DS)

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